Goal:  You win if you are first to occupy the five starting positions of your opponent.

How to play:

Place five tokens along the row closest to you.setupPlay proceeds in turns.

Each player makes two moves per turn. A move is one piece that moves:

– one square toward the opponent forward
– one square, sidewayssideways
– one row diagonally toward the opponent to capturediagonal-1– one space forward in reincarnation cyclereincarnation-1When a you capture an opponent’s piece, the captured piece is moved to the beginning of your opponent’s reincarnation cycle.

Pieces cannot move backward.  Moved pieces may not finish a turn by landing on the square they started on during that turn.

Only one piece may occupy any one square on the playing field; pieces may share spaces on the reincarnation cycle (the three spaces along the outside of the board).

You must make two moves during your turn; you must, and may only, forfeit your turn if only one move is possible for you.

Pieces re-enter play only through the center square of the beginning row.reincarnation-2

When pieces occupy an opponent’s starting positions, the center square must be captured last, and cannot be moved through sideways.

If neither player can make two moves, the game is a tie.